Survival Mode

Ok, so this post may be quite different to what I usually write but I'm going to try it anyway. I'm not a philosopher or anything of that calibre, just a theorist, I guess. While browsing the internet one morning I came across a woman who learnt a working level of Mandarin in a night. She was forced to as she had to perform a presentation the morning after as her Mandarin speaker dropped out in the last minute. And within a night she became semi fluent in Mandarin. As bizarre as this is I'm still quite clueless as to how she did it. I then started to look into this and started researching if the mind is truly capable of such things and if we can achieve things in such little time. I believe there is a part in our brain that gets triggered and allows us to go into overdrive, an overclock, in which we use more of our brain power than we previously have. I call this 'Survival Mode'. 

Procrastination is faux. I looked back at a time in university, when I completed an essay within the night and then managed to be up in the morning ready to hand it in before the deadline. There's productivity in procrastination, while we avoid doing the task, we're partially worried about it but as we're procrastinating we usually block the worry out because the activity we're involved in allows us to escape, but there's a part of our brain that still thinks, it's solving this task and its quietly working in the background while we play away. Our brains have formulated whats going in the paragraphs, we just need to execute pen to paper. This has been proved, just ask yourself how many times you met the deadline and got a great result. Now, I'm not telling you to leave your work till the last minute, please don't. But maybe we can harness this ability subconsciously and use it daily, or whenever we want. Imagine that. Like the woman who learnt Mandarin, the conditions were there, the clock ticking and the body nerves trembling. If we could shift our perspective and make our brains believe that them conditions are present maybe we could achieve tasks from the get go? 

Can we become an astrophysicist in a night? When the conditions are there, our mind will go into survival mode, allowing us to achieve more than what we can on a normal day. If I told you you've got three months to learn astrophysics and told another person but told them a week in advance and that they could only start learning a night before the deadline, who do you think will come out with more knowledge of astrophysics? The first person I told of course, but the second person would have a working knowledge of astrophysics. And that brings me to my next point. 

Comfort zone, And why I'm constantly taking myself out of it. Each time I'm comfortable I take myself out, it doesn't allow me to learn new things and generally be more. When I'm out of my comfort zone I'm more creative, I'm on edge, I'm briefly tapping into that survival mode, allowing me to do more. It started with little things, talking to strangers, solo travelling and then of course with me moving away from home I'm completely out of my comfort zone, cooking too, I learnt how to cook something which tastes great and it only took me a few hours, I'm not a natural cook, I just learnt. I recommend everyone to force themselves to be out of your comfort zone, you'll grow and condition your mind into a machine, well hey thats just a theory...


The Art of Self Sufficiency