One thing we can universally agree on is that our time on earth is limited. Our days are truly numbered. Recently I’ve been finding ways to utilise my time efficiently, and to its fullest. It took me a while to lean towards the completion of work rather than a Netflix binge. Do I watch an episode of Stranger Things or can I write a chapter or two in this time. Do I relax in this space in time or can I make a move towards benefiting my future. 

Stay focussed. Cut out the distractions and get whats yours. In order to achieve what we want to we have got to keep the focus at 100% at all times of the day. If you find that something is distracting you then make a list of it and cut it out from your life. The excuse of ‘no time’ is one I lingered upon for sometime, the only thing in the way of my passion projects was myself. So look into the mirror and be honest. And then make the change.

Live and breathe your passion project. Once you’re free from all these distractions you’ll have time to drown yourself in it, you’ll be thinking about it 24/7 and thats a good thing, it just means your focus is laser sharp and you’re aware of what needs to be done in order to succeed. No one has to believe in it, only you. It only needs your support, your blood and sweat. No one else’s.