Time is looked at and relied upon way too often, for me it can sometimes create worry. Perhaps by looking at time less we can create a sense of freedom. A feeling of being in the moment. 

I would usually start my mornings off by waking up sharp at six and from then on rushing to get my tasks done in a specified time, my routine was rushed and caused a sense of worry/stress to my mornings, I began rushing my meditation just to be done by 7:00 so that I could leave the house in time for work. Now my mornings will start with me turning my alarm off and then not looking back at a clock until I've finished all the tasks set for the morning. The effect this had on me was massive. It enabled a total sense of freedom and relieved me from this morning stress I felt, everything was still, slowed down. 

Tasks such as; prayer, meditation and breakfast were performed with calmness and without rush. Not checking the time has enabled me to complete these tasks better than I did previously. I'm in the moment, rather than rushing to the next 'checkpoint'. Once I'm ready to leave, I'll strap my watch on, ready to go, while taking a glimpse at the time and I'm right on schedule. When I get back home from work, I unstrap my watch and leave it on the table and begin my evening tasks; blogging, cooking and washing. Again, everything is slowed down, no rush, no hesitancy. Just calm. 

Previously, I'd constantly keep on checking the time and form myself to rush tasks which needn't be rushed. Our brains have been through our routines several times and I believe that we subconsciously have an idea on what time it is at the present moment therefore clearing any doubts of being late, or out of time.

Try it. 

MindfulnessAdil Dad