So as some of you are aware I visited Copenhagen a few weeks ago and spent a good few days over there, Copenhagen is really beautiful and I'm in love with Danish design it's one thats definitely been on the list and finally I got round to it. I stayed over there for a total of 3 days which is definitely not enough. I see myself going back there later on in the future. Copenhagen is full of several independent coffee shops and I wish I had time to try them all, each one is a unique experience. The metro service in Copenhagen is very simple and minimal, it's really easy not to get lost while travelling. They keep things very simple. Copenhagen is a very bike centric place and they love their bikes, 90% of the people over there travel by bicycle. It's the best way to get around the city. While we were there we visited several attractions such as The Royal Library and The City Hall both architecturally pleasing and great places to be. The people over there are really friendly, and if you're ever lost they'll try their best to help you out. One of my favourite buildings has to be the Aquarium, known as Den Ba Planet to the locals, intricately designed this aquarium is a must see, if you ever visit you have to check it out, and if you love fish I suggest you go inside. The aquarium also houses a virtual rainforest which is certainly interesting, it mimics the experience of a live rainforest by using sound and heat, the conditions get really humid, making it tough to stay there for a long period of time.

Danish design is a major factor and it really hits home while out on the street, there was a board full of panels you can alter in order to make whatever you like, this was certainly a lot of fun and I managed to make an 'A'. Another one of my favourite places was the Nyhavn which translates to "New Harbour" the vibe here is really chilled and relaxed, in my opinion its sort of a wind down place after a long day, the brightly coloured houses and the canal make it a really fun place to be. It has a wide range of bars and cafes to choose from and relax. The Round Tower is by far one of the most bizarre places in Copenhagen, its essentially a tower with no steps just a massive ramp which you walk up in order to get to the top, once you're at the top you're greeted with amazing views of Copenhagen. Check out the picture gallery below (Tap for Details), I also prepared a short film for you guys showcasing my time there, that is also down below.

If you're ever planning on visiting Copenhagen I suggest the above and if you're coming from England I suggest you bring money and lots of it. We purchased a 72 hour travel card which was ideal for the amount of days we stayed over. At the airport they don't accept cash at the machines so you'll have to get your travel card at the service desk, which is located just outside the metro. Overall it was bags of fun and I enjoyed my time there, brilliant design, friendly people and good coffee. My ingredients to a great short holiday, thank you. Till next time, Adil. :)