We finally hit our last stop on our mini Europe trip, Paris.

Paris is a city I've always wanted to visit but quite frankly never got around to doing so, but finally this year I made it happen. Again, we spent around two days and I have to say two days is all you need, of course I would've loved more. Firstly, I checked into the Airbnb and got a quick power nap, then we headed out and explored the city. We managed to find a cool breakfast spot on Champs-Elysées which was quite spectacular. Whenever I approach a city like Paris I make sure to do all the touristy stuff first, once I've got them out of the way I like to spend time just exploring it blindly and seeing what I can find. Paris has magnificent architecture, its style is definitely one of my favourites, from its cobble stoned paths to its lovely buildings. Overall I have to say, Paris definitely lives up to the hype.

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