Someone recently asked me that they’re unsure on which route to take in life, to go uni or to not, or they’re not sure on what certain venture to start and my answer is always the same, the answer is to explore and try new things, try something different. For example I never knew I loved writing till I tried it and at the time everything I had done creatively was visual, so writing to me was the complete opposite on the creative spectrum. Another thing is just simply exploring, take your time, take that year out, there is no rush because you have the rest of your life. 

So get a few miles on your passport see the world from a different perspective, see other peoples perspectives on the world, see what fuels you, find out what inspires you the most. Witness different art forms, dancing, performances, all things similar. Its a beautiful thing to see how other people express themselves through art and can always give you a certain perspective on the world. 

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