The Vs. Mentality

Is this something which is embedded deep inside our DNA or do we just react to our environment? The choice to subconsciously think everything has an opposite, an equal, an opposition. The choice to compare and compete may be harmful to our well-being. 

I truly believe comparison is an illness and we have been taught (by philosophers) to steer clear from this, I see a lot of comparison whether it be online or offline, the way we as humans are compelled to compare things, which incites what I call ‘the vs. mentality’. We believe our way is the right way when there can be a million different ways of doing said thing, we believe Apple is superior to Samsung when they both do exactly the same thing. It’s a caveman mentality which is holding us (the human race) back a few millennia. I used to be a comparer, it was costly. It will only hold you back, and stop you from being who you truly want to be. 

We are our own form, truly. Someone else’s athletic prowess will be greater than yours, someone else’s grades may be greater, it isn’t a race and never was. You’ve got to find your own thing and excel in that. Social media well and truly lives from comparison and without it, it wouldn’t work. Our youth are exposed to things they shouldn’t be, they should be outside falling, learning to pick themselves up. 

I still compare right now, a different type of comparison. I compare myself to myself. I compare myself to last week, last month and last year. I compare how far I’ve come in terms of self-improvement, and am I taking the correct steps to get to where I need to be.

Comparison is a losing battle, raise the white flag.

MindfulnessAdil Dad