Work-life Balance

Sometimes you can feel a tad bit robotic being in the same routine for weeks on end; waking up at the same time, attending work at the same time, finishing at the given time or sometimes even later than expected. this can sometimes have an effect on our well being so if you’re finding it difficult to balance your work with your life, I may have a few tips I can share.

First of all my go to tip I always share when asked about the work life balance is WAKE UP EARLIER. If you’re only waking up for work then you’re missing out on a whole domain which lies untouched in the morning. Use this time to do things which you enjoy, this can usually mean reading, writing, meditation or exercise. just something thats completely you. When you first get up, don’t check your work emails. Keep a habit of doing that in work hours, the morning is for YOU.

Secondly, if you’re strictly on a 9-5 make sure that you finish no later than 6pm, this will give you time for an evening activity, a meal with friends or a side grind. Doing activities you really love can work as a mental boost and recharge your brain to its potential. (It’s about overall recharge, not just being recharged for the next day of work.) Working a passion at the side can always be a good thing, if you put the right amount of hours in, it’ll be able to pay you fully.

ProductivityAdil Dad